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Is there a cheaper option than Invisalign®?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023


The Invisalign® clear aligner system was introduced in the late 1990s as an innovative way to move teeth without brackets and wires. For the first time, through the use of 3D scanning and printing, a digital treatment plan could be created that would allow the orthodontist to strategically move the teeth to a precise location and produce a beautiful smile. Over 20 years later, Invisalign® is still an excellent choice for clear aligner treatment, but it’s no longer the only option.

Thanks to advances in technology and advanced orthodontic training, Dr. Bloom can now treat mild to moderate orthodontic cases with clear aligners manufactured right in our office! Here’s how it works:

3D scan
  1. A 3D scan is taken of the patient’s teeth. Using this scan, Dr. Bloom will discuss his findings and various treatment options. If you’re a candidate for in-office aligners, Dr. Bloom will use your scan and begin his treatment plan.

  2. Your 3D scan is then uploaded to a software program called UDesign, specifically designed for orthodontists with expert-level training in tooth movement. This software allows Dr. Bloom to make incredibly precise tooth movements and review how the entire sequence of movements will look, week by week.

  3. Once he is happy with the plan, Dr. Bloom will then 3D print models of the teeth, representing the weekly incremental movements he expects to see.

  4. With the models printed, a thermoforming machine is used to wrap the models in a thin plastic using heat and compressed air. This plastic was specifically designed for orthodontics and certified bio-compatible for our patients.

  5. The plastic tray and the model are then separated and the aligner is cut out, polished and packaged.

Manufacturing clear aligners in our office means two major advantages for our patients:

  1. Decreased overhead costs which translate to increased saving for our patients. Oftentimes, we can save our patients thousands of dollars and still deliver the results they hoped for!

  2. Faster turn around times, meaning less time waiting for the clear aligners to come in the mail. Our aligners can be ready in as little as two or three days!


So, why doesn’t every orthodontist and dentist offer this service? Dr. Bloom may make it look easy but the reality is that manufacturing in-office aligners requires a great deal of experience and training. Dr. Bloom has been involved with 3D printing for the last 5 years and has produced thousands of aligners. That makes him one of the most experienced orthodontists in South Denver when it comes to 3D printing and producing custom aligners.

Want to learn more? Stop in for a complimentary consultation and ask for more information about our in-office aligners. We’ll even give you a tour of our lab and show you first-hand how we make these highly customized aligners for our patients.

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