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Ceramic (Clear) Braces

Ceramic (or clear) braces are an excellent option for patients that prefer traditional braces but who would prefer a more esthetic option over metal. Ceramic brackets are particularly popular with our adult patients or patients with a rare allergy to some metals.

What are they made of?

Ceramic brackets are made from aluminum oxide, a compound that is extremely hard and blends beautifully with tooth enamel. The aluminum oxide can either be formed into a monocrystalline structure which creates a transparent but somewhat brittle bracket, or a polycrystalline structure that is translucent but more durable than monocrystalline. Ceramic is a good choice for patients with severe metal allergies, particularly to nickel, or who just don't like the look of metal braces. The downside of any ceramic bracket is that it has the potential to chip or fracture easily compared to metal brackets so our patients must be extra careful with what foods they choose to eat.


Do ceramic brackets stain easily?


A ceramic bracket itself is non-porous and will not change color over time or when eating certain foods. However, the elastic ligatures used to hold the wire into the bracket can become discolored by some foods and drinks. Some of the foods and drinks to avoid with clear brackets are curry, red tomato sauce, anything containing turmeric, and wine. Also, with clear braces, any foods that get trapped around the bracket or around the wire will be more noticeable compared to metal braces, until you’re able to brush your teeth or rinse out the food with water.  

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